Hello World!

Hello World! To the 1st post of my 3rd iteration of my personal blog.

The goals of this “A Blog Post About a Blog….” series are:

  •                Ubuntu Setup
  •                Fail2Ban
  •                SSH
  •                Self – Hosted Word Press Install
  •                Database Setup
  •                Let’s Encrypt HTTPS Setup
  •                AWS Route53 self DNS
  •                Two Step Authentication
  •                Captcha usage
  •                User Discussion Self-Subscription authentication
  •                Auto Backup Scripting Cron Job
  •                Auto Update Scripting Cron Job
  •                Auto Backup/Migration Testing
  •                Auto Monitoring/Analytics
  •                Reverse Proxy
  •                Enterprise SSO integration
  •                Theoretical Implementation of Cloud based Scalability.

I have previously had 2 self-hosted blogs that were hacked. After the first hack, I essentially started creating an offline version of post before posting onto the second Iteration. After I killed the second instance, I just continued with my offline document blog. Fast forward a few years and I have tons of content, but as time has gone on a lot of the information has become out of date. The point of this place is to share and cultivate information in a similar way that it was shared with me. Because of this I started getting the itch to get this going again. This 3rd version includes switching to WordPress and an Ubuntu server Host.

Being as I am currently posting, some of this has been completed, but I will try to go back through from the start. Along the way I will generate other post that cover more of the fundamentals that I will try to link into these post. If we complete all of the above, we will have covered most everything that we would need to Self-Host a business’s website.

There will be a bit of date jumping as I am going to back date as much of the content that I currently have. So, this series can be expected to take a year or so to complete, being as some of the above-mentioned objectives don’t actually have currently implementable solutions or tech has changed.

Well I have been working on getting this blog up and running for the past two days. I want to get started on my next post, which has nothing to do with the above. Haha. Ill be back on this subject shortly.

Next post will be a Wi-Fi networked weather station with multiple Sensor and Display nodes, which accesses a “from scratch” built web app and Phone app, along with camera and weather data being uploading to Weather Underground.

Welcome to the Chaos in my head 😉